Under Armour / Dick’s Sporting Goods – “Lindsey Vonn ColdGear®”

Watch Olympic gold-medalist Lindsey Vonn take on Under Armours Cold Abuse Simulator.
Video Rating: 5 / 5

Riding the very nice elevator at Dick’s Sporting Goods with SchindlerHaughton. The employees there did not seem to mind me filming, and even made a joke about Schindler! This elevator releveled once on 2, but still provided a very smooth and quiet ride. Technical Specs: Brand- Schindler Type- 330A Holeless Hydraulic Fixtures- HT Premium Speed- 100 FPM Installed- 2003 Capacity- 2500 lbs.

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    1. TheZekethunder says

      lol nice employee. do you know if this elevator breaks a lot?

    2. ryanbart287 says

      your a dick

    3. HoCkEYpLayErTuFo says

      They got a elevator at the dicks in white plains…nOT SURE what kind

    4. wendablomah says

      Real online BBw women for you naneedj.info

    5. suzzex says

      @geoffbruno 😀

    6. geoffbruno says

      Nice video! I thought the Schindler joke would be more “door close button” oriented, but hey, at least they didn’t mind you filming there!

    7. suzzex says


    8. dea41396returns says

      it was installed in 2003, and always had the high-pitch chimes

    9. suzzex says

      Listen to the video carefully. I said it was a Schindler, he said he was Jewish, then he laughed about Schindler’s List!

    10. elevatorsonly says

      the employees make a joke about schindler?

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