1. legobobsleder says

    Lol got sounds from the computer and played it to phone that’s classic

  2. mattmax11 says

    this is fuckin amazing

  3. iluvamberandkj says

    at 1:13 was she crying or laughing?

  4. strapwood says

    @spazzboy01 u r the most fucking dumbest people in life if u dont get this!

  5. WNxCatcher says


  6. micro7878 says

    u dont get it. there playing parts of the vid 2 see the reaction of the stores

  7. mhskingtanner6310 says

    i dont care if its fake, its still fucking hilarius!!!!!!!! nice video mrfreeze010694

  8. ConstructionDuncan says

    Yew know what yer going tew dew when yew get out of yer goddamned wheelchair yer gonna fall yew shun of a bitch and I hope yew dew.

    Don’t make fake prank calls, particularly fake calls that suck.

  9. gocolts1490 says

    i’m sure u mean DICKS sporting goods

  10. spazzboy01 says

    this was fake if you watch the skateboarding vs officer rivieri youll hear him say the same thing to the kid. so stop trying to pass it off as real. you pussy ass bitch.

  11. mariamqwert says

    how do you call the eb games in need the super smash bros brawl

  12. Dollarous104019 says

    the ONLY funny thing about this was the gamestop part. when the guy says hes from a different county than orange county! and officer riviera is a fucking jack on a stick.

  13. Fordy762 says

    that was the least funniest thing ive ever seen

  14. scaffstaproductions says

    … i ddnt realy find dat funny…

  15. tbscbpssy says

    thats defintly real hahaha

  16. Adude64 says

    (@ SilentPivot) Correction: What are you? a typical Youtuber?

  17. maxxskill says

    ya not exactly. the floor seems the same.

  18. Verb1037 says

    their all the same!!!

  19. maxxskill says

    that looks just like the game stop at my mall. almost the exact same

  20. SilentPivot says


    Oh my fucking god stupid, Its called a soundboard dumbass! What are you 10?

  21. ray02946 says

    matt i can hear you clicking oh and by the way just stating your last name is O’rielly

  22. eightbitgnosis says

    Uhhh. In the audio you make the claim to be a police officer. IMPERSONATING AN OFFICER IS A FELONY. I would take this video down, or risk jailtime

  23. azn604kid says

    ok this is fake so fake watch the vid wen he vs the skateborder and hear wut he says its the same to this vid

  24. IcemanSam650 says

    its called a sound board prank dummy

  25. 44896 says

    haah but ya dis was good though.

    my b.

    dont mind my other comment:P

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