How to Paint Your Skateboard, Longboard

This is the second video on how to paint your board of choice.

The publisher just picked the board up at the sporting good store here his home and its hanging it on the wall now for painting. Process is basically the same from the first video, except we will be using a tape instead of dish gel.


  1. berlinwood131 says

    whats this song plz tell me???

  2. MsCuru says

    you must have taken a white deck from start!! :))

  3. Kingro619 says

    That looks awesome! Nice job man. And nice chose can ha

  4. DrivetheParkway says

    The cracks from the white paint look awesome :)

  5. songs768 says

    That board is awesome I did mine and it looks awesome thanks for the tutorial

  6. MrSplatman101 says

    Anyone know the name of the first song?

    and the board is awesome

  7. MrSplatman101 says

    Anyone know the name of the first song?

  8. BMAF123 says

    do you hav to sand it?

  9. gunpop13 says

    the original black board looked better :p

  10. tubabu91 says

    i kinda like the crackled look. takes a bit to get used to but it does kinda look cool.

  11. skatenewsollutions says

    just tell everyone u did the cracks on purpose…they’ll never know!

  12. TheKyle444 says

    pretty cool dude. i liked it.

  13. jurgenxman111 says

    Awesome,dude! I did the same,with gray and red:)

  14. RAWphenom says

    I think the tape seems to be a much better idea! 😀

  15. pivotguyninjaness says

    Yeah man this is sick

  16. TuKgamerS says

    thumbs of if it looked better black?

  17. SuperBlackrevolver says

    Use spray paint for bottom coat so it doesn’t crack

  18. eatmychalupa says

    @zaewon I followed the instructions on the paint can haha, and like I said I’ve taught myself to do all this stuff I’m not a pro.

  19. eatmychalupa says

    @Veggietable101 Yes, it will just take much longer.

  20. FBCLASSIC says

    i think the crackle affect that happend on accedent makes the board look old and better it gives it i had this skateboard for years affect lol

  21. SupernaturalWhYbOy says


  22. cooliebai1998 says

    can u use sandpaper than sander?

  23. zaewon says

    learn how to spray paint

  24. awsumrabbitz says

    Tht is a sweet board

  25. Veggietable101 says

    Can u use sand paper instead of a sander

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