Panhandle Fishing

Capt. Blair travels to Florida’s Panhandle to fish for cobia with Ranger Pro, Todd Royall. 

There’s nothing like a nice day fishing on the lake with your girlfriend. Nitro makes it possible with new options for 2011. Fishing will never be the same.


  1. taweel85 says

    Captain Blair i Live in Dubai Next Week I shall Receive my stuff from DSG which are My 8 Foot Blue Flats rod with a 4000 REEL and 30 LB fins XS Braided line is this the mogan man’s combination or what?? Thanks for the great tips

  2. mmaghfai says

    Addictive videos more like, haha great job

  3. FlatlineCharters says

    Check out my cobia jig tying video!!

  4. AddictiveFishing says

    @Boomster212 2200 Bay Ranger

  5. Boomster212 says

    what size boat was that tower on ?

  6. AddictiveFishing says

    30 lb FINS braid is all you need. The spool is just a prop.


    On the Rigging it Right segment, why does he say to use 30lb test when he is actually holding a 60lb test spool? Is 30lbs enough for those cobia or 60lbs?

  8. trimzyable says


  9. richielottoutdoors says


  10. surviverman2598 says

    i live in gulf breeze so thats not that fare away for me maybe 20 miles

  11. fishinbonita4life says

    @AddictiveFishing awesome cant wait to travel around florida and fish all the spots like this

  12. AddictiveFishing says

    @fishinbonita4life Spring 2010

  13. fishinbonita4life says

    when was this

  14. AddictiveFishing says

    @MrNuggy420 Season 11 airs in April on SunSports . . . ALL NEW SHOWS

  15. MrNuggy420 says

    @AddictiveFishing when is season 11 airing on tv?

  16. AddictiveFishing says

    @MrNuggy420 Season 11 will be uploaded when we get enough subscribers!

  17. MrNuggy420 says

    @AddictiveFishing I cant wait when is season 11 airing?!

  18. merrymarlin1 says

    Another day in Paradise! Pretty Work…

  19. AddictiveFishing says

    @dunebuggy62 Wright & McGill Blair Wiggins Signature Series Rods and Sabalos reels

  20. crazecush says

    Damn… That was awesome . Let me know if you want to film a trip here in Myrtle Beach SC. Love to have you. May and June are awesome for Kings Cobia and Mahi. What an awesome Cobe video

  21. SeaDraggin says

    Pretty work Captains.

  22. anob100 says

    Do you get to go fishing around the country for free? If so, thats so cool

  23. Luna7ick says

    awsome Thanks for sending this to me.

  24. AddictiveFishing says

    @Nepptune Great stuff! Thanks for posting . . . every Monday we upload a new show in HD!

  25. Nepptune says

    Sick vid Capt… mad respect from Africa to ya!

  26. TennesseeBassFisher says

    Now if only i could could do that to my bud when he starts catching all the fish…

  27. tlblt77 says

    i would have launched her right when she said bass wrong

  28. philippetjeeh says

    052 stay there!

  29. MrComputermaster97 says

    I would have launched her closer to land!……;)

  30. MrComputermaster97 says

    The boat …… big time!

  31. helme68 says

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  32. pretoshohmoofc says

    You mean, you had that button the WHOLE TIME?

  33. geektasttic says

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  35. helme68 says

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  37. helme68 says

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  39. helme68 says

    @geektasttic good job… played a very hateable character. although it would have been funnier if he just slapped you and then threw you off the boat….dumb blonde

  40. wlindenlaub says

    @geektasttic This is one of the funniest commercials ever!!!

  41. 4x4mike15 says

    my girlfriend would be gone before my truck, boat or my toys

  42. Chadstranaghan2010 says

    I wish I had a boat like that one

  43. mrepicfailguy12345 says

    @FMiTY You look like shit. >:U

  44. maltacross1987 says

    Nope as soon as she said ebay me or the boat i would have sent her flying.You don’t mess with a fishermens boat.Big No No.

  45. FMiTY says

    that boat looks like shit

  46. stewartx5 says

    Okay, who is selling that particular accessory? Can more than one be fitted, for use, for example, when the wife insists on bringing the kids for a “family outing” while I’m trying to fish? All that’s needed then is Brad Paisley’s “I’m Gonna Miss Her (The Fishing Song)” on the MP3 player. 😉

  47. drakelremington says


  48. MrBuckkiller55 says

    How could 95 people dislike this?

  49. HeartStrikerz says

    the was the craziest blood curdling scream ive heard in a while

  50. TurbinePower69 says

    WHAT !!..a Hoot !! Have watched it 7 times so far…and forwarded the link to 37 friends…great for a needed laugh, today. Thanks for the post..Love It !
    Any more “spoofs” like this one that you can come up with, would be
    Great and Very Much Appreciated. Thank You !!

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