Fishing Fail (Full)

Funny outtakes from Bill Dance Outdoors – a long running fishing show since 1968. This edit is captured from NicoDouga

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    1. HTFlyer says

      is this a comedy show?

    2. neoduke007 says

      “call the doctor” ๐Ÿ˜›

    3. Vargkramaren says

      Hes like a real cartoon character

    4. 08theWilderness says

      @njesra what is fake about it?

    5. LakotaFrench says

      And this guy is supposed to be an expert HOW???????

    6. foravaine says

      this video has more fails than the entire failblog lol

    7. pantoleon01 says


    8. Valca000 says

      fishing rods and camera destroyed – 10,000$

    9. kasper993 says

      This guy should be a fish.

    10. AYEMang says

      the SX ruin it

    11. turtle79070 says

      story of my life

    12. njesra says

      Fake and gay

    13. MarkLebedev says

      oh man… oh good gosh… D: Oh MAAAAAN

    14. xlm3x says

      I just love how he’s not even phased by these unfortunate events…he just laughs it off..what a good sport, this guy is great! lmao

    15. BallerzTV says

      LOL, randomly jumping bear.

    16. TheDarthnick says

      the last one is pure irony ^^

    17. cannabissalaatti says

      ….We got battery *SPLOSH* ๐Ÿ˜€

    18. 666CS says

      LOL!!!! last one was epic

    19. timmyvechett says

      I LOVE how Even the BirDs are Laughing @ 3:26

    20. Ipwnnubz117 says

      this guy is the worst fisherman ever

    21. Lattka23 says

      lol so awesome

    22. 9971explorer says


      You have not met my father. This is similar to some of my fathers misadventures in the outdoors. Lmao

    23. BloodyClownMaggot says

      Hahahahah americans… xD

    24. TheFoolFE says

      this is hilarious! how much bad luck can one man possibly have?! ๐Ÿ˜€

    25. ExZeSS19 says

      thank good thatยดs not a hunting show! xD!

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