Bass Fishing Redneck Style!!!

Bassmaster Bling. Just one nut in a very very fast Boat!

Sight casting to, “landing”, and releasing a tarpon without the use of a boat or touching the bottom.

A first? It certainly was for my bother-in-law and I.


  1. jhendrix7911 says

    @ccrkicksass65 spokin like a true dumb ass redneck lmao

  2. 1993clb says

    wtf is going on with those dumbass earings??

  3. crumplerinc says

    This Guys is too funny!!!!! straight gansta lmao!!!!

  4. playbass97 says

    what a jerk

  5. madmatt32192 says

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  6. eevee54444 says

    is he calling them girls when he has huge earringes……..

  7. 89alexe89 says

    fuck this guy

  8. CodiTheJedi says

    This is the dumbest thing i’ve ever seen.

  9. pocyclips says

    A 150 MPH tunnel hull? This has to be a Jamie Kennedy Experiment gag!

  10. OklahomaPlowBoy says

    how sad… fish so big it’s resting on the bottom lolhahahahahahahaha!!!!!!!!!!

  11. zackz22 says

    HOLYSHIT! its a ghetto redneck. haha finaly a redneck that supports obama.

  12. thebeastic says

    Swing him round a couple times lmao

  13. unemployedgamer says

    hey very nice video i just uploaded a few myself, check them out comment and rate please

  14. Gwade1100 says

    This is retarded for one. Rednecks r tw smartest people in the world(my opinion..dnt argue plz cuz idc) and this guy is just stupid, he is not a redneck

  15. jhendrix7911 says

    i loved this shit yo lol… rednecks are fuckin retarded

  16. donbhuntin says

    disgrace to rednecks everywhere?yes.
    poster man for queer?yes.
    redneck fishing?no.

  17. XxxSiLuRiDoxxX says

    i don t foun more videos of this man ;(

  18. gorilaboy28 says

    That’s one bad ass boat u don’t want to mess with there fun but can kill u in a second

  19. gaby94609 says

    go fish falcon lake with that nice gold and fancy boat

  20. Skirvin10 says

    wat a wigger

  21. jeremy73765 says

    hes clownin on those other dumbass fisherman

  22. Autovomatic says

    Wwhhhhheeeeewwwwwww Fucking Cougar

  23. k6829 says

    no shame in his game, and he’s a badass fisherman

  24. MountainMan5516 says

    This Video should be deleted. Total idiot/looser/freak looking for attention with bunch of dumbass ear rings/asshole to other boaters/probably sucks at REAL fishing (fishing with no electronic help)/ plain, overall shit-streak on a fantasic sport.

  25. darkris666 says

    Master at making himself look like a total faggot

  26. sirlunche says

    haha lov it

  27. ForasAccess says

    Nice! Brings a whole new name to snorkeling.

  28. CircleRanch says

    @MrBASSHEAD305 In Belize, near Hopkins.

  29. MrBASSHEAD305 says

    Crazy but nice where was this crazy move done (city)

  30. riskygjk says

    well done mate

  31. duramaxnay6 says

    That’s hilarious and incredible. That definately might be a first.

  32. duramaxnay6 says

    That’s hilarious and incredible. That definately might be a first.

  33. AffordableSupplyCo says


  34. Sean4670 says

    One of the coolest things i’ve seen in a long time. Laughed in amazment the whole time.
    Cheers lads, ya did well !!!!

  35. Nepptune says


  36. glenandgibbert says

    except tarpon are hammerheads favorite food so ur gonna get screwed once that happens :p

  37. Futz0815 says

    You r crazy ^^

  38. toddmlbauer says

    Who’s the douche that was looking for tarpon fly-fishing videos and didn’t like this? Please fess up. Maybe we can help you.

  39. ster321123 says

    i do this stuff but i just have a line and hook attached to a stick and float above deep reef areas and let the line sink and so many rass come out to take the bait i release them i dont eat them its just for fun…

  40. cubankong75 says

    That was freaking Awesome great stuff

  41. lewandlo says

    I have done that for bass and panfish. It is a blast to see them under water biting the line hahahah. Gr8 stuff guys.

  42. live4paintball says

    @LandThatFish stupid is what makes it so hardcore! Good job dude. Kick ass video!

  43. TrapperVT says

    Fabulous idea boys, wish it were mine!

  44. bluediamond2077 says

    @LandThatFish YEAH a he is lucky there was not a shark near by

  45. LandThatFish says

    i think this is cool , but kinda stupid. first u take a fly rod and reel into direct contact with saltwater and a struggling fish is a shark magnet and ur in the water with the shark

  46. undertakerrocksman says

    not a tarpon alantic sometjhing

  47. ecollins92 says

    haha tht was awsome, but i hope you washed of tht real when you where done

  48. emilboehm says

    badass! very very cool

  49. bl4ckt1p says

    @JvPaVp you sick bastard

  50. jimauijet says

    Great vid. Too cool.

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