Stealth Camping

Went stealth camping at the local reservoir. I wanted to get some good photos of the sunset, but I knew I wouldn’t feel like biking home afterward. I brought along my camping gear and found a good spot once the other people there had left. The video just shows some of the gear I brought along, my campsite, etc.


  1. liquidturion says

    hennessy hammocks……….they even have cammo ones

  2. tranquilisolati says

    To camp or to RV, that is the question! rvparkandcampingexpert (.) com helped me decide.

  3. LightIsTruth11 says

    For someone who wants to be stealthy, you sure like the bright colors man! :)

  4. skoz14 says

    rape whistle

  5. TheWoodlandHippie says

    @thumper248 Obviously he’s a raging homosexual, hence the need to “stealth camp”.

  6. rjknox555 says

    i also stealth camp at my local res…kudos to you

  7. squirrel162 says

    @luv2sharpen i camp at my resevior all the time. with a bright flare orange tent haha. nobody ever sees me but i have a really good stop deep in the woods on the shore

  8. chaseziskin says

    whats the black thing on ur left foot

  9. GEOdozer420 says

    ha i like the editing at the end where u set the camera up an showed u exiting lol… some les stroud stuff. looked fun

  10. cameraguy1968 says

    Dude you really need to stop the “middle school manicured bushcraft” look, because even if you know what you’re doing, NO ONE will take you seriously. It’s not even based on homophobia, it’s just guys with fluorecent nail polish don’t earn much credibility.

  11. uplaterthanishouldbe says

    There’s a triangle piece of land between a local interstate and an off ramp. It’s about 150′ at the widest. It’s fairly dense, covered in small trees about 15′ tall and about 10′ apart. It would be noisey but it would be interesting.

  12. ministercreek says

    Great video Mate! I do stealth camping too….I live in my tent.

  13. jamieboyrockon says

    @assassin616 It’s quite simple, really. We camp when and where we want.
    Plus the danger of getting caught makes it even more fun.

  14. maloso1313 says

    looks like Flagstaff Area

  15. book630book says

    nice nails

  16. opsdarabbit says

    the boy scouts do this all of the time. Its called no trace camping. (minimal footprint)

  17. mythic89 says

    I say stealth camp at night and ride around stabbing Muslims on your bicycle all day death to Allah

  18. EJR914 says

    Great video, keep them coming.

  19. bricardiff1969 says

    @MrHaveGun correct,

  20. AbsoluteMonarchist says

    All the survivors will be ‘stealth camping’ when the degenerate western democracies are invaded and subjugated by a coalition of Jihadist states and probably led by Russia and China. Right luv2? Do you luv to stab arab vermin with stilletos and leave them to bleed out like stuck pigs? Better learn to if you want to survive WWIII sonny.

  21. MrHaveGun says

    When the Jihadists invade and subjugate the degenerate Western democracies only the bushcrafters will survive. Ever seen Red Dawn? I can’t wait for WWIII.

  22. jdogmmj says

    dude wats with the nails

  23. DeepOKAY2009 says

    Love your videos dude, great stuff! Very informative, very confident!

  24. JustinBaker2567 says

    The wilderness is becoming more and more regulated……stealth camping is soon becoming the way to go. Even now on the AT you are forced to sleep in bullshit “shelters”. Its pretty pathetic. Yeah your breaking the law, but as long as you are responsible and dont start a wildfire then there is no moral wrong doing.

  25. ChuckCh9 says

    Cool video. Anymore stealth camping videos coming? Thanks

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