Eureka 4 Season Tent Review – Camping Gear TV Episode 26

In this episode of Camping Gear TV, Josh and special guest Tony Heck review Tony’s mainstay tent, a Eureka 4 Season Tent. This tent is designed to withstand the elements, provide comfort, and last a long time. Check it out! And be sure to watch more of our camping gear reviews at

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    1. afterthefox7 says

      Crack One and Crack Two

    2. CampingGearTV says

      @ONEXYSTON Most definitely. Thanks!

    3. CampingGearTV says

      @ideiafacil Thanks buddy!

    4. CampingGearTV says

      @elkantler75 Very cool.

    5. CampingGearTV says

      @ministercreek Nice!

    6. ministercreek says

      That tent is just like my USMC Combat Tent which was made by Eureka! also!

    7. elkantler75 says

      visit wyominglostandfound for the best ultralight tipi tents on the planet

      stovejacks and woodstoves for backpackers

    8. ideiafacil says

      nice vid review :)

    9. ONEXYSTON says

      one of the best tents i ever purchased, highly recommended

    10. CampingGearTV says

      @nolobede Thanks buddy, I appreciate that. Can’t argue about the beer thing :)

    11. nolobede says

      I am a fan, mostly cause at least you have a sense of humor…
      I’m just not a fan of pseudo-beer :-)

    12. CampingGearTV says

      @nolobede Thanks for stopping by, and for the kind words! We hope that our videos continue to improve, and that some day you will be our #1 fan.

      Your #1 fan,

    13. nolobede says

      Busch beer = Oxymoron

    14. nolobede says

      Thought I’d watch this for the info on the tent. But these guys are not good at this review thing… but then I saw the guy drinking a Busch… that did it, you lost me.

    15. eugenesantosjr says

      nice. make more man!

    16. CampingGearTV says

      @julden99 hahaha No way!

    17. julden99 says

      Busch beer sucks!

    18. MrNeosoul99 says

      Eureka make excellent tents and they’re canadian; I think.

    19. CampingGearTV says

      Thanks again. We plan on doing many more “in the field” reviews!

    20. unopsec says

      Excellent video…I am contemplating a purchase of the EUREKA ASSAULT OUTFITTER 4 TENT and this video has helped make the decision to spend the money. Thanks…I think these “in the field” videos really enhance your game!

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