1. psychotichealth11 says

    This is a favorite pursuit of my family. We got some good tips at rvparkandcampingexpert (.) com

  2. VMKinnovations says

    Great info…thanks. Especially for the manual’s names.

  3. CampfireTalk says

    that isn’t a picture of you?! :)
    another great video, your turning them out faster than I can watch.

  4. 3charter says


  5. 7411y says

    these guys need to start mass-producing these.

  6. MacroEmotionalFeel says

    Do you sell it?

  7. dozza101 says

    pimp my truck lol

  8. nutritiousacne99 says

    This is a favorite pursuit of my family. We got some good tips at rvparkandcampingexpert (.) com

  9. spellerlittlewing says

    way 2 cool

  10. getchayayasout says

    A fantastic job there, brilliant design.

  11. emacwakeup says

    now that was cooool!!

  12. TadRapidly says

    best good lucky rock n roll van!

  13. prestonandpate says

    at first i was thinking that that wasnt real

  14. valere76 says

    super génial ! Super genius ! 素晴らしい天才 !? ^*^

  15. Shmeeshification says

    OMG!!!! 

  16. LOTOTV says

    Very nice, I like it a lot the bath tube looks great. I would love to be able to find new spots to take a bath.

  17. Jay8Cee says


  18. funboxe50 says

    That is cool design….good

  19. Dissonant1975 says

    Your comment failed…

  20. DerangedAznBoi says

    @Dissonant1975 yes, because shit is cool, just like fuck, the word that can be described with any adjective

  21. johnmonk66 says

    That is bigger than some Japanese apartments, nice little setup, but it is a truck, not a car

  22. Dissonant1975 says

    that thing is cool as shit!

  23. spinaway says

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