Backpacking & Camping Tips : How to Choose a Backpacking Tent

When choosing a tent for backpacking, consider the possible weather conditions, the climate, how many people it sleeps and the weight of it. Find the lightest-weight tent suitable for your needs with helpful information from a backpacking and hiking guide in this free video on exploring the outdoors. Expert: Nicole Pyke Bio: Nicole Pyke is an experienced backpacking and hiking guide, leading primarily high school students on week-long backcountry trips. Filmmaker: Eli Pyke
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      The main reason to carry a footprint or ground cloth for your tent is to protect the waterproof bottom from abrasion. In many places a soft sandy or grassy place to pitch your tent is just not available, and rocks, pine needles and cones can and will damage the waterproof layer on the bottom.

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