Teste Goes Job Hunting

My cousin Kevin works at True Action in King Of Prussia Pa and asked me to come to his job to “have a little fun” LOL! www.trueaction.com

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    1. taajiir123 says

      My parents walked in the room and heard me say “I want more teste videos”. Before i even got the chance to explain, they stormed out the room….

    2. taajiir123 says

      0:47 SIT YO ASS DOWN!!

    3. Optima936 says

      “oh good”. lol smart ass

    4. MamaConTresHijas says

      The people on here were probably afraid they’re going to get shot by this weird guy they’ve never seen before and can’t figure out how he got in the building. LOL

    5. matheuswoww says

      The King of Akwardness.

    6. incognitololita says

      *pop* lmao

    7. JaeSwiftTV says

      I asked someone for an ‘appy’ by accident after watching this..

    8. rainman1344 says

      What conceited bitches wow. i bet shes a feminist too

    9. hetznerk says

      i ain’t got online

    10. f3l0ny33 says

      1:32 sexy voice !

    11. mevesko says


    12. Birdboy029 says

      Hey Ed, guess what I just filled out and turned in an hour ago.
      An appy.

    13. RKOMorrisonFan says

      Ha I’m 16 and when I apple next year at a job I’ma ask them an appie! LOL

    14. princessofhesse says

      ha! Always needs a job!!

    15. hrny1587 says

      @lilbromarky1 yeah she poins somewhere and hes looking to the other way lmao

    16. DonRMB says

      @erick3845 For serious.. I would fuck her vocal chords lol..

    17. lilbromarky1 says

      I like how at 1:20 he’s not even making eye contact with the girl when he’s talking

    18. KINGBEARZ says

      @MultiHappyboi ?????

    19. eaglei649 says

      dam last girl has a sexy voice

    20. queenjazz1 says

      that last lady kinda sounds like JWoww 1:30 lol

    21. jhonen32629 says

      “I need an interview today or I go back to the joint.”


    22. CloudStrifeMakoCod says

      hey why did you say thatguywhocamps?

    23. sparkloweb says

      @OptimusPrimeribs Yes it is, and I should know because I’m typing this from prison.

    24. jawa1804 says

      the woman who pop her head up 0:40 , freak me out. she looks like a ghost

    25. xabbyelizabeth says


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