Elk Hunting Wyoming

Bull Elk Hunt in Wyoming. I was lucky enough to get a beautiful trophy on the first day of the season.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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    1. TacticalSekt says

      Tasty elk! Great shot!

    2. 79Testo says

      what rifle did he use?

    3. biggernsurlier says

      great shot

    4. Narutothe30 says

      @ShiNeLikeAsUperStar Lol… It’s times like these that make me feel good I’m atheist….

    5. MrSenaid2010 says

      @viper10011 nope lots of my friends have taken MOOSE!! with a 270

    6. shydogglv says

      All you Wyoming hunting fans. Check out the OX RANCH facebook page.

    7. shydogglv says

      All you Wyoming hunting fans. Check out the OX RANCH facebook page.

    8. richguy920 says

      I’ve always wanted to travel and hunt all sorts of animals around the world. I have always wanted to shoot an elk. nice kill man

    9. JaydenMaer says

      I dont understand why people who don’t like hunting even searches for hunting videos -_- Find something more productive to do people 😀

    10. jdphroper1 says

      @6detroitdiesel5 i dont think you know what your talking about you better look some ballistic up before you speak anymore,lol

    11. jms8220 says

      to all hunters: search “persistence hunt” and watch how real men hunt. i dare any american who calls themselves a hunter to try that.

    12. nickelboy550099 says

      where was this yellowstone? i hunt there very awesome

    13. derekjensen14 says

      perfect placed shot. Great hunt congrats :)

    14. Narutothe30 says

      @ShiNeLikeAsUperStar HA HA HA HA I’m Atheist….. There is no hell….. or God for that matter…..

    15. HunterEdAdventures says

      Great vid! Check out our channel to see our funny hunting safety cartoons for kids!

    16. barronredneck says

      Whammo Bro!!!

    17. blutausbeherit says

      Holy shit, that was a beautiful shot, and a well deserved rack. Congrats.

    18. khongbiet1000 says

      That’s HUGE!!!
      You’re gonna have to raise the ceiling on your trophy room th fit that rack in!

    19. krantz10 says

      @4670103 hahaha i like how are you critizize but yet that is an awesome public LAND bull so unless you have private land tags for A TROPHY AREA I SUGGEST YOU SHUT UP.

    20. krantz10 says

      @oooooSERooooo yes but.. depends on the caliber of bull vs caliber of rifle and distance … you have a 300-350 class bull… they’r pretty tough.. as an archery hunter and rifle hunter i can say the shot placement is crucial of course…..my opinoin is 300 win or any .30 0ver is good. a 223 is what i use for coyotes and personally i think its too small. you need damage done. ethnically an 1100 lb bull can take a hit and run 10 miles and that is hell!!!!!!! to track. Stick em good and be happy!

    21. krantz10 says

      @MrAnonymous9876 Amen to that. people must realize.. that they are animals to be cosumed and we arent poping shots off at evrything that comes into range

    22. marisolmaeve says

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    23. neurocytohemotoxic says


    24. weiro1 says

      Nice Shot,Nice Bull

    25. ilenejyty says

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